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Lightsabers in Music Class!

Lightsabers in Music Class!

3rd grade Students in Mr. Coon's music class this week practiced singing and had the opportunity to use "lightsabers" (tuned percussion tubes).

Students walked into Mr. Coon's music class on Wednesday to the Darth Vader theme song. They are working on a Star Wars themed musical this year.

Students warmed up with singing and then had the opportunity to use an instrument that resembled a lightsaber called a Boomwhacker.

Boomwhackers are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes that are tuned to musical pitches by length. They produce musical tones when struck together, on the floor or against nearly any surface.

Mr. Coon walked around the classroom playing a rhythm with his drum. He asked the students to keep the same rhythm by hitting their Boomwhackers together.

Students had a great time practicing the rhythms with their red and green "lightsabers!"

  • Cumberland