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School Improvement Plan

photo of a student working on a project in Art class


A School Improvement Plan (SIP) or School Development Plan (SDP) is a central document used by Senior Leadership teams to map out their strategic plans for the development of their school.

Student Academic Learning

SMART Goal for Student Academic Learning

By Spring 2023, the average percentile rank will be at the 80th percentile for Math MAP.

Specific Action Step Timeline & Setting Point Person
Grade level PLC teams and support staff will collaborate twice per trimester (Kindergarten four times per year) to go over student data using ForeFront to determine Tier 2 supports to be implemented using Work Places games and/or Bridges Lessons. Ongoing Grade level PLC team meetings
Instructional Coach will provide PD regarding Tier 1-2 interventions to be utilized in the area of math during Student-Centered Cycles. By end of year Instructional coach- Andrea Clifton
Vertical articulation communication on Math will take place to discuss missing essential standard skills with the grade level below so that skill building can take place prior to the end of the year. By end of May 2023 Grade level PLC team meetings
Students that have not yet mastered current or past grade level essential standards will be provided with Tier 2-3 math interventions.  Tier 2 interventions will be administered by classroom and/or EL teachers, Tier 3 interventions will be conducted by the math interventionist for students that qualify. Ongoing Math interventionist - Judy Adams (Tier 3) & Classroom Teachers (Tiers 1-2)
We created a shared document where classroom teachers listed math vocabulary words that the specials, related services, and EL teachers go over with students whenever possible Ongoing All Teachers



Student social emotional well-being

SMART Goal for Student social emotional well-being

By the end of May 2023, each school will implement the Second Step Program with fidelity, utilizing the district Second Step platform. This universal support will be implemented with respect to each grade level's scope and sequence.

Specific Action Step Timeline & Setting Point Person
The Second Step program implementation will be evaluated and monitored  by building administration as part of domain 4, utilizing the Danielson Framework.  By the end of the 22-23 school year, 90% of classroom teachers and related service providers will implement the entirety of the Second Step lessons designated for their assigned and specific grade levels. Building Administration - Infante & Mazzone
All district staff will receive professional learning on the expectations, structures, and resources for the district Second Step platform provided by The Student Services Department. This information will be archived and accessible on-demand via the district Second Step platform. Ongoing Student Services Dept.


Student transitions

SMART Goal for Student transitions

75% of pre-k students participate in transition activities with feeder elementary school before first day of K.

75% of 5th grader participate in transition activities with feeder middle school before first day of 6th gr.

All classroom teachers hold vertical articulation meetings with upcoming grade level team.

Specific Action Step Timeline & Setting Point Person
Kindergarten Orientation for Cumberland

May 2023

Thunder/Chief Camp over the summer May 2023 MS Principals
MS Principal visits elementary May 2023 CMS Principal 
Incoming 6th grade Parent Info Night in Spring May 2023 CMS Staff
Tour of MS in Spring May 2023 McKelvey & Sweeney and CMS Staff
Principal visit to incoming Kindergarten students  May 2023 Principal and Assistant Principal



Data analysis

Group Data Goal

Student Group

Current Learning Data as of August 2022

% meets/exceed on [ADD ASSESSMENT] 

SMART Goal for May 2023

% meets/exceed on [ADD ASSESSMENT] 

Grades 3-5 The average percentile rank is 76th percentile for Math MAP By spring, the average percentile rank will be at the 80th percentile for students in grades 3-5 in the area of Math MAP
Grades 3-5 Last year 4th grade math MAP sub groups average 72% 5th Grade Math MAP Sub groups will have an average percentile rank of 75%



The team

Team Member Name Role
Marc Infante  Principal
Tina Mazzone Assistant Principal
Laura Gierszewicz Kindergarten Teacher
Tracy Mullane 1st Grade Teacher
Amy Huffman 2nd Grade Teacher
Jeannie Pantelin 3rd Grade Teacher
Richard McKelvey 5th Grade Teacher
Judy Adams Math Interventionist
Margaret Biega EL
Gary Niemiec Speech Pathologist
Lisa Radakovic Resource Teacher
Megan O’Donnell ELS Teacher
Jelena Todorovich Art Teacher
Andrea Clifton Instructional Coach